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The Aggelakis family began its involvement with aviculture in 1962 when Nikolaos and Panayiota Aggelakis started a small bird-breeding business in Chalkida. Gradually, the conditions in the Greek market changed and greater demand led to the expansion of the family business and its development into a modern, vertically organized industrial unit.

Aggelakis S.A. was founded in 1992 and a company-owned, modern poultry slaughterhouse was constructed in the Pournos region in Evia. The new generation of the Aggelakis family, Thanos and Taxiarhis, that entered the business dynamically and effectively, contributed to the evolution of Aggelakis S.A. into a perfectly organized poultry production unit.

Today, Aggelakis products are available in the countrys biggest supermarkets and are supplied to leading restaurant chains and catering companies.

The driving force of the Aggelakis S.A. choices is the consumers needs and concerns that are changing constantly according to the rapid development of the nutrition map. Our company's business values are based on the following:

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